Farmin Whole Wheat Bait

FARMİN Whole Wheat Bait contains Difenacoum %0.005(w/w) & Denatonium Benzoate %0.001(w/w).

Control: Mouse&Rat

Application: Indoors and outdoors, around buildings and in sewers.

Pest species Type of application Dosage Application range
Mouse Indoor&outdoor 20gr 3-5m intervals
Rat Indoor&outdoor 50gr 5-10m intervals


Farmin Whole Wheat Bait is a ready-for-use bait formulated using food grade micronised  wheat. Micronisation prevents germination and begins the conversion of starches to sugars, sweetening the bait and increasing its attractiveness to rodents.

Farmin Whole Wheat Bait is effective on rodents in 3 days time. Formulation contains vomitting property for other animals.

Highly palatable and effective against all pest rodents, Farmin Whole Wheat Bait is the ideal bait to use where the target population is feeding on whole grain foodstuffs.

Farmin Whole Wheat Bait is available for public 125gr folier*2=250gr with box and for specialist staff 10kg, 20kg plastic box or package.

Read label before use.
In case of poisining, please dial 114 National Advisory.