About Us

Biomed was founded in 1997 in Ankara / TURKEY. The company supplied pharmaceutical active ingredients to both pharmaceutical and veterinary companies and government tenders from all over the world. On the other hand, Biomed focused on public health products . At the end of 1999 Biomed decided to buy a rodenticide product which is the market leader and have been in the market since 15 years. The product was produced under the licence of ICI/Zeneca/Syngenta and the trademark “FARMIN” was their own property. Biomed began to produce and sell the rodenticide FARMIN and bought all licence and production rights and trademark from ICI/Zeneca/Syngenta as Biomed’s sole property. Now, in 2016 FARMIN is still the market leader since 32 years.


Farmin D Pasta


Farmin Whole Wheat Bait

Farmin Trap

Farmin Block Bait